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Now boarding

Element5-digital-ue2t1tcfsn8-unsplash How was your 4th? Yeah? Good. Mine? Eh. But thanks for asking. 41 million Americans traveled for the 4th of July holiday, some 80% of whom drove to their destination. In today’s Gospel, Luke Chapter 10, Jesus assembles a sort of “advance team,” forming a cadre of disciples “whom he sent ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended to visit” (v. 1). There was as yet no Yelp. To go forth as a disciple – now that’s a high call. Discipleship presupposes a relationship with God, and from that relationships is formed trust and connection such that the one chosen can and will carry out the mission. How else does one go forth, particularly in a contemporary context? Consider these main groupings: tourist; road warrior; pilgrim; and missionary.