The Capuchin friars thank you for your generous gift in support of our ministries. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our development office is currently closed. As a result, processing and acknowledgement of gifts will be delayed by several weeks. We are grateful for your patience.

At Capuchin Community Services, we support those who cannot support themselves. We are grateful to you for your support whether it be through prayer, through donated goods, or through a financial donation. Please be assured that we are careful stewards of your trust.

We welcome contributions of any size. All are acknowledged and are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Capuchin Community Services is a ministry of the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph. Unless otherwise directed, donations support the local ministry and the Province.

To donate through the mail: Capuchin Community Services PO Box 05830
Milwaukee, WI  53205-0830.

To donate directly from your bank account: Use your bank or credit union's bill pay program.

To donate using a credit or debit card: Complete the form below.