Ministry Statistics

Capuchin Community Services' location statistics 

St. Ben's Community Meal Site

  • St. Ben's Community Meal is served six nights a week, Sunday to Friday, from 5:15 to 6:30. In 2017, 105,226 meals were served for an average of 347 meals per evening.
  • Local Bus Tickets: 2,569 guests served
  • Intercity Tickets: 159 guests served totaling $5,828.05
  • Wisconsin ID's:  37 guests served
  • Birth Certificates: 66 served
  • Prescription Co-pays:  1,657 guests served
  • Hygiene: 2,108 guests received hygiene items                         
  • Showers: 2,111 served
  • Haircuts: 144 served
  • Eye Glasses: 374 guests served
  • GED Program: 13 guests attended classes at MATC on scholarships from Capuchin Community Services. 34 took tests, 7 requested transcripts and 1 guest received her GED Diploma. 55 guests total participated.

    Additional St, Ben's Community Meal site's statistics:
  • 75 sponsor groups prepare, transport and serve the meals. Most groups serve on a monthly basis, and some have contributed food and service since the Community Meal's beginning in 1970.
  • Hundreds of donors support the meal by providing food and monetary donations.
  • 10-15 daily volunteers assist by serving beverages, working in the kitchen, cleaning tables & chairs, and performing a variety of tasks.
  • Hospitality ministers and security staff ensure a hospitable and safe environment inside and outside the Meal Hall.
  • Hundreds of guests gather each evening to share a meal and companionship with each other.
House of Peace Site

In 2017, the House of Peace served our guests with food, clothing and other services. Here are the numbers:

  • The Emergency Food Pantry distributed 23,170 pounds of food to hungry families. The pantry served 11,337 individuals, provided formula to 600 infant homes, distributed 2,648 senior stock boxes, and provided bread to 13,908 people.
  • During the holidays the Food Pantry also distributed Holiday Food Boxes. At Thanksgiving we served 1,651 households with 4,047 individuals. At Christmas we served 1,330 households with 6,239 individuals. Families with children participate in the Christmas distribution because toys, books, and warm clothing are provided with the boxes. The completed boxes that returned to us weighed 215,248 lbs. The estimated value of those food boxes was over $115,000!
  • The Capuchin Clothes Closet served 18,485 individuals last year. All clothing is new or gently used, and all clothing is distributed free of charge. 
  • We couldn't serve so many people in need without the help of groups and individual volunteers. Last year over 100 groups ran Holiday Food Box drives.