Blog Posts from December, 2018

All is Well That Ends Well

Cmdr-shane-610506-unsplash It was 4:00 pm one recent afternoon, closing time at the House of Peace. And there was a crisis—long time, devoted volunteer Mattie, could not find her car keys. But not only her car keys—house keys and mailbox keys were also on that missing ring. Search after search of the immediate premises turned up nothing. Finally an unflappable Mattie concluded that she must have somehow dropped the keys into a shopping bag that a client had subsequently filled with clothing items and taken home. Mattie recalled the lady’s face, but knew not her name or phone number. A call to the auto dealership reassured Mattie that they could easily cut her a replacement key. And at her request I readily agreed to drive her there, ten miles away on busy Fond du Lac Avenue during evening rush hour. But we made it, and upon arrival I drove up as close to the service door as I could so that Mattie-- who has serious mobility problems--would have to walk as short a distance as possible.

The Long Handshake

Chris-liverani-552022-unsplash-2 Perched in the back of the Meal Hall, Hospitality Ministers have the opportunity to welcome the Meal Guests, hand out tickets and offer hand sanitizer. As the line slows down later in the night, we have time to take in the scene of the Hall and the connections among the Guests.