Blog Posts from April, 2018

Beautiful Spring Day

Img 6955 As we gear up for summer on this beautiful spring day we have been given, please don’t forget to register for the Capuchins Run/Walk for the Hungry on June 15th at PolishFest!

A Change of Heart

Img 9836 Most individuals stranded in Milwaukee who come to St Ben’s asking for assistance arrive at our doors penniless. So I was surprised a few days ago when Jake informed me that in his case lack of cash was not the problem. His family had Money-grammed him $100, but he knew not the location of either a Walmart where he could retrieve it, nor the transit center from where he could catch a bus back home to Marinette. He had spent the previous night outside at a bus shelter, and he wept now as he told me how scared and alienated he was feeling in this big city.