Blog Posts from March, 2019

Grand Opening of St. Anthony Place

Img 2474 copy 3 Today, Heartland Housing, Capuchin Community Services, and Ascension Wisconsin joined the city, county, and statewide partners at the grand opening of St. Anthony Place. The former St. Anthony’s Hospital, next door to St. Ben's Community Meal, was renovated into 60 units of permanent supportive housing and a comprehensive resource center for Milwaukee’s chronically homeless.

The Long Handshake

Rawpixel-1170732-unsplash Perched in the back of the Meal Hall, Hospitality Ministers have the opportunity to welcome the Meal Guests, hand out tickets and offer hand sanitizer. As the line slows down later in the night, we have time to take in the scene of the Hall and the connections among the Guests. One cold night last month, we were blessed to observe a joyful reunion. Johnny entered the Hall, looked around for a few seconds and seemed surprised to see Michael sitting at a table in the rear of the hall. He abandoned the Meal line, shouted Michael’s name. and hurried over to the table. Michael shouted back, stood up and rushed over to shake Johnny’s hand. It seemed that a reunion was happening. The two men stood talking for a long time, still shaking hands the entire time. Michael’s tray could cool and Johnny could wait to rejoin the line.

Capuchin Walk for the Hungry is 98 days away!

The 2019 Capuchin Walk for the Hungry is 98 days away. We've got a preview of the course!

The Gift of the Tighty Whities

St-bens-icicles A surprise gift arrives at the door at Capuchin Community Services in the depths of a late winter freeze.