Blog Posts from June, 2016

Activism and Structural Change

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 11.19.27 am Here at Capuchin Community Services we do more than just help people with basic needs. That’s an incredibly important thing and a good deal of what we do, but we also try to be involved with activism and structural change. It’s good to help others but if all we do is enable them to stay in their poor state than we really aren’t helping them. One of the ways we do that as Capuchins is by working with other organizations that advocate and push for social change. Here in Milwaukee one of our main partners is Voces de la Frontera in Walker’s Point.

Graduation Hope

Graduation-995042 960 720 She stood looking at an article of clothing as if she was contemplating if it were the correct size. I watched her face change from an expression of gratitude, to one of sadness. I wondered what could be going on with this woman, at this time in her life. I engaged her in a friendly conversation, discussing the weather, the article of clothing she had in her hand, and simply asking how were things going in her life.


New day (7949303832) I am inspired by the dawn of a new day; God is giving me another day–another gift. The gift of life! I am inspired by children’s laughter, a reminder that life is precious, and there is hope. I am inspired by the sound of rain, God’s special cleaning, and rejuvenating fluid.