Blog Posts from May, 2016

Immersion Requirement

Pool-783626 960 720 Anybody would benefit from an immersion in a culture not their own. Such an immersion expands our horizons. It opens our ability to empathize with a person outside of our presumptions and worldview. It shows us how God is working in a place in which we may not have thought about God working. It’s why we go away to college. It’s why we travel overseas. Carroll University believes in immersion so much that such an experience is a requirement for graduation. Most of their students manage this by going overseas to study for a semester. Some of their students, however, due to various reasons, are unable to go overseas and still need to fulfill the requirement.

Trying Hard to Make It

Hqdefault I had a man at our doors who came from NY to try to find a job, and ended up on the streets of Milwaukee. He said to us he was not going to live his life on the streets. He was determined to get out of the shelter where he stayed. He told us he was going to get his truckers license and live on the road.