Blog Posts from January, 2016

Stocking Up

Img 2281 The Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee provides Stock Boxes to our Emergency Food Pantry. These stock boxes are distributed to guests who are sixty years and older. They are filled with items like pasta, cereal, dry milk, juice, and a block of cheese to name a few.

Warm Winter

Screen shot 2016-01-15 at 6.19.35 pm The Capuchins' Warm Winter Drive is an effort to collect thick, new or gently used blankets for our guests, that are in need. What is a blanket? This might sound like an odd question to the reader. But actually, the word blanket has various meanings and changes slightly from person to person. Some have called a blanket, a piece of material that is placed on the bed at night. Some have called a blanket, something you wrap up in during the daytime to keep warm while watching TV on the sofa. Some say that a blanket is something you throw around your shoulders when you run to the mailbox. Some describe a blanket as something you keep folded on the back of the chair, just in case you need it. All of these answers are similar and true

Messmer High School’s Support

Messmer at st bens nov 18 Being at the meal most nights here at Ben’s, I see many groups come in on a regular basis. One of the groups that we see regularly is Messmer High School, which has a long history with the Capuchins. They are an inner city school that really prepares their students to go on in the world. Now… High School is a tough time. Most young men and women at that age have little desire to come to a place like St. Ben’s unless they absolutely have to be there. Believe me. I know. I was never interested in anything like that in High School and I often get groups who are less than excited to be here.