Babies & Mothers’ Support

The House of Peace participates in two community projects to improve outcomes for young mothers and their children. The United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha funds the "Blankets of Love." This program provides our staff with training so we can then do outreach with eligible guests.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department sponsors the "Strong Baby Sanctuary." The House of Peace collects baby items to give to our guests who are pregnant or raising an infant. If you can help, please hold a drive to collect one or more of these baby items:

Diapers Formula Bottles
Wipes Baby Food Bottle Brush
Pacifier Swing Car Seat
Rattles Blankets Board Books
Baby Proofing Supplies Baby Shampoo Baby Clothes
Baby Tub Bath Towels Wash Cloths
Play Pen Bassinette Stroller

Mom's contact us weekly if not daily for help with the costs of caring for their babies. We buy what we don't receive donated. Formula and diapers can be expensive. Your gift today will be designated to support babies and their mothers.

To donate through the mail: Capuchin Community Services, PO Box 5830
Milwaukee, WI  53205-0830.

To donate directly from your bank account: Use your bank or credit union's bill pay program.

To donate using a credit or debit card: Complete the form below.