Easter Meal Drive

Each Easter the House of Peace provides our guests with food to celebrate. Many invite other family members and this drive strengthens the bonds of faith, family and community. Our partners include Fr. Gene's Help Center and Badger Hams.

Your gift of food for an Easter meal is needed and appreciated. We also need hygiene supplies, new spring clothing for children and small gifts from the "Easter Bunny." Please drop off your Easter Meal Drive gifts by Friday, April 8, 2022.

We will have hundreds of families turn to the House of Peace's Emergency Food Pantry to feed their household this Easter. Your gift made on this webpage will be designated to help us feed them all.

To donate through the mail: Capuchin Community Services, PO Box 5830
Milwaukee, WI  53205-0830.

To donate directly from your bank account: Use your bank or credit union's bill pay program.

To donate using a credit or debit card: Complete the form below.