Angel of Hope Clinic  385-5394
209 W Orchard
FOR ALL. Sliding Scale Fee
New: walk-ins M-F 9-11am
Return: call for appt M-F 9am-4pm

City on a Hill      931-6670
2224 W Kilbourn
Uninsured only: ID req'd
Clinic, health screening
Lunch & free bag groceries 2nd Sa 12-3:30

Healing Center      671-4325
611 W National 4th floor
Adult Sexual abuse survivors
Call for appt M 9-5pm; tu-Th 9-6pm; F 9-2pm

St Elizabeth Ann Seaton Dental Clinic
Contact: Kasey      383-3220
1730 S 13th St 53204
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.  Urgent Care walk-ins
Mon-Fri 7:45am. Uninsured only.

Marquette Women’s & Children’s Clinic
1821 N 16th St 53205 and Cross Lutheran
Uninsured women & children; appointment only
Call M Tu 10-am-1pm; Th 8am-noon

St Ben’s Clinic   765-0606
Contact: Carolyn Laabs, nurse practitioner
Bill Mullooly, social worker
1027 N 9th St 53233
Hours: Mon, Wed & Thur 10am to 5pm;
Appointments encouraged.
Primary care for homeless men & women.

STD Specialties     264.8800
3251 N Holton 53212
Mon– Thurs 8am to 3pm, call for appointment
Saturday 9am to 12pm (gay & bisexual only)
HIV & syphilis testing free anytime.
Can test women, just no pelvic exam.

Salvation Army Clinic   265.6360 ext 22
Contact: Aubrey (Social Worker)
1730 N 7th St 53205
Appt: M, Tu, Th F 8-3pm
Walk-ins: M, Tu, Th F 8-12noon; W 6-8pm
Appt are seen before walk-ins

Repairers of the Breach     342-9323
Contact: MacCanon Brown
M-Sat: 7am-4pm
Governed by homeless persons, offers variety
of programs & services
   Clinic: 1335 W Vliet. Free walk-in clinic for all
Hours vary weekly. Call 934-9035

UWM House of Peace Community Nursing Clinic
Contact: Beth Peterman     933.1590
1702 W Walnut St. 53205
M-Th 9am-12noon; 1-4pm
Call ahead to verify what services are available.

Walker’s Point Community Clinic
Contact: Steve Ohly     384.1400
611 W National, Suite 400, 53204
M – F 9-5.Must sign up for “lottery”
before 8:00am for appointment