Shelter Hotline 302-6633 for 24/7 service

Casa Maria    344.5745
1131 N 21st St 53233
Women with children
Call any day 9am-10pm

The Cathedral Center   831.0394
Contact: Fay DeMark (x2121)
or Kristen Halulu (x2162)
845 N Van Buren St 53202
Anyone looking for shelter should call 211
(or from cell phone 773.0211) first forassessment.

Guest House      645.2122
Contact: Gerard
1216 N 13th St, 53204
Houses up to 76 men short term. Must be in by
6:30pm and out by 7:30am. Emergency
shelter for 14 days unless enrolled in STEPS

Hope House      645.2122
Contact: Sarah
209 W Orchard St 53204
Emergency Facility for Men
Transitional housing for single women and
families. Must have a referral, application process,
and interview to be accepted.

Joy House    344.3774
818 N 19th St & 830 N 19th St 53233
(Entrance off Kilbourn St)
Housing for up to 100 people. Assoc w Rescue Mission;
houses women with children, and pregnant women.
Program based shelter. Required two-week program. Call first.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission
344.2211 or 935-0200 (24/7)
1820 W Wells 53233.
Housing for up to 250 men.
Must be in by 6:30pm for prayer service.

Milwaukee Women’s Center Refuge
671.6140    24hr hotline
Housing & services for battered women & children.

Salvation Army    265.6360
Call Monday-Friday
Families 9-9:30am
Single Men 10-10:30am
Single Women 11-11:30am

Salvation Army Lodge   265.6360
Contact: Rhonda Hopgood
1730 N 7th St 53205
Daily 6:00am-10:00pm. Must call before 10:00am
A special needs facility. Accepts elderly, physical
or mentally handicapped, families working 2nd
or 3rd shift. Call for details.

SDC Family Support Center   385.0854
Director: Mary Evans
3025 W Mitchell 53215
Families only. 24/7 hour service. Call first.

Sojourner Truth House    933.2722
Contact: Dolly Grimes
24 hr hotline (domestic violence)
Housing and services for battered women and children.
Also may call Batterers Anoymous/Beyond Abuse 634.4799

Walkers Point Transitional Housing
18-21 yrs old call M-F 9-5  672-5531
16-17 in high school call 672-1360  24/7