Seeing God in Those Around Us


Author: Chuck Cmeyla 

During the past several years, I have had the privilege of being part of our Front Door Ministry program at St. Ben’s, part of the Capuchins Community Services ministry. Every Wednesday our team provides assistance with obtaining birth certificates, prescription co-payments, and bus tickets for medical appointments. We also hand out hygiene bags, provide GED information, provide an opportunity to take a shower, and we provide clean underwear to those taking a shower. My colleague and I spend our Wednesday afternoons making eye glasses for those who need them.

We charge $1.00 for our custom-made eye glasses. Most of our guests have $1.00 or they have a friend who is willing to lend them a buck. That said, some have neither, a buck or a friend. For those guests, we will hold their glasses until they can pay for them. 

What truly makes this program so incredible isn’t just witnessing a tear when our guests can read again. It is witnessing the pure generosity of strangers, who may or may not be homeless, but who will dig deep in their pockets and come up with $1.00 for someone who doesn’t have a buck and for someone they do not even know - without any strings attached. Most of the time, when the tears stop and the alleluias end, the donor is usually gone, leaving behind lots of very positive energy.

Who was that masked man? Was that someone’s inner God shining through?