‘Over-the-Top’ Excited

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Author: Colleen Crane, PR Director

Last week was the Capuchin Community Services' school supply distribution. It's always a special day. The kids are so full of anticipation and hope. There was one girl who caught my eye. She sat poised and patient, waiting for her family's number to be called. Her brothers and sisters were 'over-the-top' excited...but she sat still, holding books on her lap (which included a prayer book), and waited. I asked her what grade she would be entering and she quietly answered, "Fourth Grade." I thought to myself, this girl is wise beyond her years. When it was her turn, she walked decisively to the backpack table. She already knew which one she wanted and had been hoping it would still be there when it was her moment to choose. She walked through the school supply line with determination. Occasionally smiling at the many volunteers, but always saying please and thank you. My gaze followed her as she entered the lobby. For a moment I saw a 4th grader. She hugged her backpack full of school supplies, broke into a huge grin, and spun around in happiness. But that moment passed quickly....one spin, one carefree moment. Then she was back to being poised. She sat down quietly, and waited for her family.