Faith, Hope and Charity

Author: Jim Van Hoven, Development Administrator

I may have mentioned this before but one of the great pleasures of raising funds for Capuchin Community Services is meeting the donors. I am always in awe of the wonderful and hopeful attitudes our supporters put into action.

Recently I toured St. Anthony’s Hospital with the Falsetti Family. Dr. Tom Falsetti was my dentist before he retired. One day he shared with me that his father, Dr. Frank Falsetti was a pathologist at the old St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Dr. Tom wanted to bring his wife Judy and several of his siblings with their spouses for a tour of the future home of the St. Anthony Apartments. Dan McKinley, Consultant for Donor Engagement and Br. Rob Roemer, Ministry Director joined us for the tour. One of the contractors took the group around. I could hear family members sharing their memories of walking the halls of the hospital with their dad.

Their strong connection as a family was clear from the moment they arrived in one van together. Inside the old hospital, the walls were gone and there was nothing but cold concrete all around. Yet the Falsetti’s could imagine fully furnished one person rooms on the upper floors of the hospital.

On the first two floors, they looked over the new walls going up for the Ascension Healthcare’s St. Ben’s Clinic. They also saw where the gathering space would be and where the Front Door Ministry would move. All along the tour, they saw the building through the eyes of faith and hope.

When we gathered in St. Ben’s Meal, where their mom had helped serve some meals and one of the siblings had also served, they presented their gift of charity. Br. Rob received the gifts and assured them that they would help furnish at least three apartments with linens and kitchen supplies.

As we celebrate Easter I am reminded again how we see the resurrection always happening again and again in our world. The Falsetti’s expressions of faith, hope and charity will help people who are just off the streets or out of jail find housing so they can move onto resurrecting the rest of their lives.