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‘Over-the-Top’ Excited

Img 1349 copy Last week was the Capuchin Community Services' school supply distribution. It's always a special day. The kids are so full of anticipation and hope. There was one girl who caught my eye. She sat poised and patient, waiting for her family's number to be called. Her brothers and sisters were 'over-the-top' excited...but she sat still, holding books on her lap (which included a prayer book), and waited.

Seeing God in Those Around Us

Dsc08148 During the past several years, I have had the privilege of being part of our Front Door Ministry program at St. Ben’s, part of the Capuchins Community Services ministry. Every Wednesday our team provides assistance with obtaining birth certificates, prescription co-payments, and bus tickets for medical appointments. We also hand out hygiene bags, provide GED information, provide an opportunity to take a shower, and we provide clean underwear to those taking a shower.

What’s Inside the Package?

Img 0509 I remember as a young girl watching, “Let’s make a deal” on television. I was always just as surprised as the contestants, when they selected either the beautiful curtain or the decorative box, and it usually was a clunker inside. Sometimes our various guests are judged by their outer appearances, which do not generally reveal their rich histories and experiences.

What is Unconditional Kindness?

Img 0362 Is it when a total stranger leaves a $450 tip for a struggling waitress? Or, is it when a child’s face is lite up when a stranger shares his/her last cookie while having dinner at a community meal room? Or, is it when a homeless person gives his last $1.00 to a stranger, enabling that person to get a new pair of eye glasses?