Capuchin Apartments

Capuchin Community Service’s housing program, the Capuchin Apartments, partners with Heartland Alliance, and offers affordable supportive housing.  The 38 apartments  showcase high-quality, low-cost homes for people who are low-income, chronically homeless, and dealing with mental health issues.

The Capuchin Apartments resident on-site services focus on helping residents maintain housing stability and maximize their independence. 

Capuchin Apartments is a unique collaboration between city, county, state and federal agencies along with several non-profits that funded and launched the project. 

Current Needs

  • One group per month providing a meal at 5:30 PM for 25-30 tenants of the Capuchin Apartments. This could happen on almost any weeknight. Contact Br. Rob at 414.271.0135 or email him at to learn more. 
  • A volunteer with gardening experience to work with tenants at the Capuchin Apartments to maintain their raised vegetable gardens. This would entail coming once per week to weed, water, and eventually harvest the produce. Contact Br. Rob at 414.271.0135 or email him at to learn more.