Feeding the hungry is central to our the mission; no person should be hungry and none are turned away.

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There are countless reasons why so many find themselves in need of basic clothing.

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The Marquette University Legal Clinic, MU law school students, & volunteer attorneys provide legal information.

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Through partnerships with UWM Nursing School and Columbia-St. Mary's, health care is provided to our guests.

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Social Worker

The services of our professional social workers have been a Godsend to many of our families.

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Guided by the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, faith is the driving force at the Capuchin Community Services.

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Guest Advocate

Our guests often need direct help, from hygiene items to bus tickets & more.

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Thank you for supporting Capuchin Community Services two locations: House of Peace and St. Ben’s Community Meal. You are helping our friars and partners in ministry serve the poor, the hungry, the homeless. 


Spread the Warmth Drive

Spread the Warmth Drive

As the temperatures begin to drop, we encourage our neighbors to remember those who are unable to purchase adequate warm winter gear for themselves or their children. Can you help assist us in meeting this need? Businesses, organizations, parishes, mosques, and synagogues are encouraged to participate.

Recent Newsletter

Recent Newsletter

In this edition of Capuchin Community Services' newsletter, learn how guests are grateful for the Capuchins' ministry being a constant presence in their lives. Then read from Br. Rob about our many reasons to give thanks. Including you, our donors, meal sponsors, and volunteers who are so very good to us and thus allow us to do so much for the guests at the doors. Finally, learn about how our partnership with the police builds community support in Milwaukee. 

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Words of
Saint Francis of Assisi


Capuchin Community Services serves tens of thousands who are in need, every year.

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For Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are an integral part of Capuchin Community Services.

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We currently have over 20 men at various levels of formation, as well as those who are living in resident candidacy.

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