Does Everyone Get 30% OFF?


Author: Mel Brunner, Special Events Coordinator

There was a reason why little girls’ underwear came with days of the week on them.  I remember my young son’s undies had “change daily” on the waistband.  Underwear is important.  Kids can be nasty to each other if they sense something off-putting.  For our guests that have children or are caring for them, having enough undies to rotate through a week is a challenge.  Have you thought about hosting an undies and socks drive for children? 

At House of Peace and St. Ben’s Community Meal site there is always a need for elementary school children’s items but there is short supply.  Having a children’s underwear drive is easy.  We can help with a flyer or signage, supply a collection barrel and pick up the donations when it is over. 

If families have to plan around when it is safe to trudge to the laundromat and must consider each load to make the most out of expensive laundry detergent, or wait long for their turn for a machine, laundry may be delayed.  If laundry is delayed, kids suffer - usually a loss of confidence, which can lead to poor school performance.

Did you finally receive the 30% off flyer in the mail from a popular department store that offers quality merchandise?  This advantage is for store credit card holders only and I wait for it to replace worn out necessities like underwear, and have used this discount since my boys were little.  Now, what about families living check to check (with most of their income going to food and rent,) who do not have the discount advantage?  Is it fair to get a better price than a family who desperately needs the 30% off so much more?  No, but that is how merchandizing works, if you spend you get rewards.  However, what if you have so little to spend?

Working poor, struggling with two or more low paying jobs have little to spend.  Many of our child rearing brothers and sisters just have difficulties that hinder shopping altogether - like living in areas without stores nearby and having no energy to spend even more time on public transportation with little ones in tow.  

So, the next time you replace your undies, consider replacing the underwear of children who are part of a family that needs some help.  He or she will be grateful when they have to change for gym or go for a check-up.  Having a few extra until the next laundry day is a blessing and a way to convey to a child that they matter.