Blog Posts from September, 2017

Beautiful Advertisements

African-american-father-was-shown-in-the-process-of-teaching-his-young-daughter I like to decoupage stuff using my old magazines. I was looking for flower images for a lamp base and came across a beautiful image of a man dancing with his young daughters in a magazine from April 2005. The caption read, “YOU’LL WEAR OUT BEFORE WEAR-DATED® DOES. What struck me most was the joy on all their faces, which stirred a memory of my own dad playing with me as a small child. Here in this advertisement was a man in a living room, with loosened up office-work clothes holding one daughter’s hands while she stood barefoot on his shoes - smiling at the other daughter eagerly waiting her turn.

Building Sister-Brotherhood in the World

Recently I served as the photographer’s assistant to Matt Heltsley. Matt is a volunteer with experience taking street portraits of people who are struggling with poverty, homelessness and other issues. Matt was taking photos for the 2018 calendar at Capuchin Community Services’ House of Peace site. He was shooting outside and I was tasked with getting the guests to their mark in front of the famous 17th Street mural. This mural on the side of our building chronicles the struggles of the African American community in Milwaukee. It seemed appropriate that those whose lives are still in the struggle might be photographed with dignity and respect in front of the mural.