Blog Posts from February, 2017

Does Everyone Get 30% OFF?

Untitled There was a reason why little girls’ underwear came with days of the week on them. I remember my young son’s undies had “change daily” on the waistband. Underwear is important. Kids can be nasty to each other if they sense something off-putting. For our guests that have children or are caring for them, having enough undies to rotate through a week is a challenge. Have you thought about hosting an undies and socks drive for children?

The Buzz at the House of Peace

Img 0509 (1) Capuchin Community Services' House of Peace site prominently stands on the corner of 17th and Walnut Street. Many know that it is here that they can find moments of respite from life’s challenges.

Helping a Former Taxi Driver

Taxi A homeless man stopped in the other day. He had been a taxi driver in Milwaukee for years. His license expired in 2009. He lost his job as he had 2 traffic violations and now an expired license.