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The Buzz at the House of Peace

Img 0509 (1) Capuchin Community Services' House of Peace site prominently stands on the corner of 17th and Walnut Street. Many know that it is here that they can find moments of respite from life’s challenges.

Helping a Former Taxi Driver

Taxi A homeless man stopped in the other day. He had been a taxi driver in Milwaukee for years. His license expired in 2009. He lost his job as he had 2 traffic violations and now an expired license.

School Supply Distribution

14107715 1118208421579544 2681702610732216378 o Last week was the Capuchin Community Services' school supply distribution at the House of Peace location. It was wonderful to witness the excitement of the children as they picked out their backpacks, carefully choosing the perfect one that would reflect their unique personality and style.

A First

Screen shot 2016-08-24 at 10.23.23 am A woman came to our front doors last week. She was short $58.00 to pay her WE Energies bill. She was told she had to pay a certain amount or her electricity would be shut off. She had most of the money needed for her bill, except the remaining $58.00. We gave her a check made out to WE Energies for the remaining $58.00.