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Faith, Hope and Charity

I may have mentioned this before but one of the great pleasures of raising funds for Capuchin Community Services is meeting the donors. I am always in awe of the wonderful and hopeful attitudes our supporters put into action. Recently I toured St. Anthony’s Hospital with the Falsetti Family. Dr. Tom Falsetti was my dentist before he retired. One day he shared with me that his father, Dr. Frank Falsetti was a pathologist at the old St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Season of Giving

Img 9714 We are in full swing here at Capuchin Community Services with our holiday season of giving. At this time, it so fulfilling to see so many coming in to help us serve our community of guests.

Ground Breaking of St. Anthony’s Apartments

20171030 120819 copy Today, Heartland Housing, a non-profit organization that is part of Chicago-based Heartland Alliance, and community partners gather to celebrate the upcoming construction of St. Anthony’s Apartments. The former St. Anthony’s Hospital will be renovated into 60 units of permanent supportive housing. The new St. Anthony’s Apartments are expected to open in October 2018.

Not All Safety Hats Are Yellow

Hat-toque-people-cold-winter-pom-pom-690730 Here is something to consider as we approach the cold months ahead. Last winter when I was at the St. Ben’s Community Meal an encounter with one of our guests stuck in my head. I dined with a woman who would be about my mother’s age. She was friendly and shared where she went to school, places where she worked and how her family drew away when her mental illness symptoms worsened. Now she was homeless most of the time. She spent nights in shelters or wherever she could find solace.